Dress Code

Our goal in establishing a dress code is to ensure that all of our campers are comfortable and dressed modestly. Over the last several years, the trend in fashion has resulted in tighter fitting and more revealing clothes. As a Christian camp, we are, of course, striving to avoid any and all appearances of impropriety.

It has proven a very difficult task to define a dress code in absolute terms without creating loopholes and ambiguous guidelines. One problem in particular is that a pair of shorts or top that is perfectly modest on one camper may be immodest on another due to varying body sizes and shapes.

In order to assist both parents and campers we offer these pictures and guidelines as to what we feel is appropriate and inappropriate attire at Limestone Bible Camp.

  • As an absolute minimum, when kneeling, shorts/skirts should be within 3" of the ground. (We know all of the tricks, like rolling up the shorts after the counselor has checked them, or pushing them down before being checked).
  • All shorts and tops should fit as the manufacturer intended, and completely cover all under-garments. No form-fitting tops should be worn.
  • The Cabin Counselors are very aware of the dress code, and can help the campers decide if their dress is appropriate.
  • Tops should be long enough to tuck in. We are not saying they have to be tucked in, but they need to be long enough that they can be tucked in.
  • Males will not be allowed to wear ear rings. No campers will be allowed to wear jewelry which the staff finds offensive or dangerous.
  • No attire with reference to any type of alcoholic beverage, illegal substance, lewd, vulgar, indecent or sexually suggestive subjects may be worn.

These tops would be the absolute minimum accepted.


Halter Tops, Spaghetti Straps, Tight Fitting Tops Are Not Allowed

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